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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jet City

My original blog was a diary blog: I tried to write every day, and the posts were more often summaries of what I had done and who I had seen than they were essays or articles. A good friend lampooned this practice with his email signature "How will people know what I had for lunch unless I blog it?" I enjoyed the sense of community that came from this sort of blogging, and felt like a gossip columnist as I bolded the names of my friends and associates to give them a fleeting moment of blog-fame.

I posted there for about three and a half years, and I didn't think I want to cross the threshold into institutionhood: the self-imposed daily routine seemed to have worn thin. In establishing a new focus, I thought a whole new presence was in order; hence, I started a completely different blog with a while new approach.

But there were still too many times that I felt the need to publicly document something regarding my associates and real-world community here in Seattle, so we're back in the diary-blog business. This category will contain notices and announcements of that nature; my wider international audience may safely choose to ignore them. Click here to see posts in this category.

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