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Sunday, August 31, 2008

And we're back!

(Originally posted on Labor Day, 2008)

Okay, here's your chance to say "I told you so"or whatever you like. I just can't keep away from the diary blogging. I used to joke that nothing ever really happened until I blogged it; that attitude seems to have embedded itself in my consciousness. I keep thinking about sharing stuff I have found or done with our little community, or celebrating the events and acts in other people's lives, and without the blog, I have no way to do that. Even Otis has noticed a change in the weather since the demise of HKC:she tells me that, for example, I no longer have a platform from which to announce how good her soup was (and it was very good!), and she misses that.

On top of that, the WordPress WalakaNet just wasn't doing it for me. It was was too formal-looking and -feeling, and I'm not sure it was helping me get back to serious, longer-form writing anyway.

So, I'm gonna fire up the dirigible again, launch the expeditionary autogyros, and begin barnstorming the blogosphere once more.

There will be a few changes:

  • I'm not gonna kill myself to get a post up every day for its own sake. On the other hand, I may post more than once a day if something catches my attention.
  • I will continue with the idea of categories, especially since I have shut down the comics blog. I'll try to label posts clearly so you can seek out or avoid posts in specific categories, such as comics.
  • I'm going to try to continue some longer essays in addition to the linkfarms and scuttlebutt.
I've pre-loaded the page with posts so we can have a robust start, so, for better or worse, here we go again!

Oh - and happy labor day!


Origami Nightingale said...



Jon said...

Welcome back - like the new Blogger look (though I also thought the WordPress one rocked too). Good luck with it all.

John said...

Axe the "read the rest of this" button if you possibly can. There is nothing more annoying in the universe (unless your post is about a single topic and more than 4 paragraphs long.)

Walaka said...

No, I don't think I will, John. You are among the fraction of my audience that may well read all of every post, but I want to try this method for a while to see if it helps other readers. I'm sorry if it's a barrier to you, but I think that it will be an aid to a lot of others. I guess we'll see.