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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week-off weekend

Here's an old-school blogging treat:

East and west views from the laptop corral at the remodeled Third Place Books/Ravenna, after the replacement of the Honey Bear Bakery with Vios. It does feel a little confining after the wide-open set-up this place used to have, but it's actually a little more functional.

So, I took about a week off after my blogathon, and it has been a busy week, mostly with school stuff, but that's really not why I have been away. I've been looking at the blog and thinking about Voice, Audience, and Purpose; I've been working on the early stages of some other projects; and mostly I have been trying to pull back the stick of my personal Flying Flapjack to gain some altitude. Winter seems to be hanging on here in Seattle - we have snow showers in the forecast all weekend and into Monday - and I am so ready for spring. I want to get moving again, I want to get back on my bike, I want do spring cleaning, I want to have a massive garage sale and unload a bunch of Things, I want it to be sunny and light out more of the day, I want to wear sandals - the whole shebang.

I know it'll come soon enough - Monday begins Week 10 of the quarter, so we're certainly in the home stretch now. This last bit just seems to be taking too long, like the last ten miles of a hundred-mile drive home when you're tired. So maybe a little radio-silence from the Flapjack is okay for the time being.

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