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Friday, May 18, 2012

Action (figure) Man Strikes Again!

So, t'other day, when I get home from campus, my sweet partner Coco hands me a bundle and says that it was left at our front door sometime during the day. The bundle contains two action figures and no note or markings, but I know that it comes from my great and good friend Jim Wilson, the Emmy-winning sound designer, proprietor of the wonderful Let's Not Talk About Movies film review blog, and all-around stand-up guy. I know it was him because (a) he's the only person who gifts me with action figures anymore and (b) they are always awesome and these were awesome.

The first was a Martian Manhunter figure, this one from the All-Star series*. Here it is:

Pretty slick rendering of J'onn J'onzz and it has lots of those, whattayacallem, articulations. Plus a kinda weird look on his face:

Can't quite read his mood there. Anyway, the figure is awesome not really in and of itself, but because of the synergistic boost it gives to this:

Behold, the Martian Manhunter Memorial Lavatory! Y'see, my sweet partner Coco, who is an artist, a feng shui maven, and  personal generally endowed with good taste, has been in total charge of decorating our townhouse, except for two rooms. That's why our place looks so well-put-together and beautiful, except for two rooms. One of those exceptions is my office (of course) and the other is the guest bathroom. It started when we first moved in - Coco was actually in Hawaii and I was doing the heavy lifting (literally) myself. I brought this J'onn J'onzz poster into the house and and found there was already a nail in the bathroom wall; the die cast at that moment.

After hanging the poster (and the idea of taking it down was never seriously considered, not for a minute), it just seemed natural to put my old Martian Manhunter action figure in there as well. I even kiped a few images from the internets and framed them. Well, from there in the concept just grew. Mostly through Jim's generosity (perversity?) I kept acquiring more and more MM figures, and the theme bathroom became spectacularly overwrought, to wit:

A DCAU "true-form" figure  and "invisible" figure stand on spacey paintings.

The windowsill holds a New Frontier figure...

..and a JLI figure.

An eclectic mix stands on the left side of the sink: 
DCAU "regular" figure, old-school Kenner toys model, 
and a really nineties version.

Two more statuey editions sit on the right side of the sink:
the "official collector's-edition, hand-painted, cast-in-lead" figurine, 
and a bust with a really Byronic affect.

A larger "invisible" figure hides in the corner near the sink.

One portrait with a tiny figure perched on the frame...

and a Twin Towers memorial picture hang over the sink.

Even the lights convey the theme!

I guess at some point we will reach Martian Critical Mass and something will have to give, but for now I think there are still a few nooks and crannies to fill in there.

Now the second item in the bundle is just made of awesome, and becomes even awesomer in context. Allow me to present...

That's right - Perry White! Not so much an Action Figure as a Repose Figure, Clark (Superman) Kent's editor and boss (Silver Age version) is nonetheless fully articulated and has an aggressive pointing index finger. He looks pretty grim, too:

Now, having an action of figure of this stalwart but still second-string supporting character would be cool enough, but it is cool-squared when combined with another figure Jim gave me several years back:

That's Peter (Spider-man) Parker's publisher and boss, J. Jonah Jameson! With his own aggressively pointing index figure! What a clash of titans this is -- I just need to find a suitable venue in which to commemorate them.

Jimbo, let me buy dinner and we'll brainstorm it. Thanks, man.


Yojimbo_5 said...

See, I knew you'd get the "Dueling editors" reference...

Yojimbo_5 said...

And still haven't decided what's the best name: the Martian Men's Room or the Jonzz "John."

Walaka said...
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Walaka said...

Martian Men's Room... >snort<