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Saturday, July 20, 2013

It could have gone another way

So, I am a Word Guy. Philosophy undergrad, master's in Rhetoric, teacher of English, writer of reports, and longtime servant of the pen. I have no gripes with this path; verbal acuity has served me well and helped me build a life of satisfaction and contentment.

And yet...

Numbers still hold their allure. I dig how underneath the universe, it's all math. I loved my statistics class until I had to drop out because I made detective. I enjoy quantitative analyses and have done them on the dialogue of plays I have been involved with and on parking patterns for a college campus. I keep spreadsheets on attendance in the movie group, biking and exercise, and mileage on the car, complete with rolling averages and projections. I daydream about what it would be like to do - or even better, teach - economics.

It is not to be. I have walked down this road too far, for too long, to go back now.

But there was a moment - a time when the crossroads was in front of me, and could have taken a different path. Who knows what would have become of me had I chosen beige over pink.

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