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Monday, August 26, 2013

Vamping for time...

So, I was working on the Big Project last night after and evening of ice cream, catching up, and Cards Against Humanity with some pals, and I did the thing that you don't want to do when working in a Photoshop clone: did a save that flattened the layers before I was done messing with one of them. Sheesh! About two hours of meticulous work down the drain, and there isn't even anyone else to blame.

Ah, well.

So the Big Reveal will have to wait another day and the Big Project will look a little bit different since I have too much pixel fatigue to begin the process anew, but what the heck - it's supposed to be fun, not work.

And that last comment leads me to the delicate balance that has been this summer's theme: the Ongoing Projects.

I am happy to report that the physical manifestations of this theme - the daily workout and walk/run - have been resounding successes: I have developed a remarkably consistent pattern. (I have neglected the longboard of late, but that was always an adjunct to the main physicality.)

Likewise the ukulele: while I cannot say that I have played every day, I have been surprisingly disciplined at laying hands upon the instrument and I can feel constant improvement.

The art/drawing/cartooning on the other hand, has oddly been the biggest challenge, as you can see from the report today. It isn't so much this one setback, but rather a focusing issue, that has kept me from being as productive as I would have liked.

And that's the balance of work and play to which I was alluding. I am a firm believer in data-based decision making, measurable goals, and the magic power of spreadsheets, and I have been having Summer Themes for a long time now, but I don't want doing the things I want to do to become doing the things I have to do, because that sorta takes all the fun out of being on summer vacation, doesn't it? And yet I do want to meet my goals, or at least make a good faith effort. And that's where that delicate balance comes in.

Enough of that. One of the first rules of writing is that when you have said enough, or run out of things to say, post a picture of Lego Wonder Woman. So here you go:

Courtesy of the same guy who did Lego-me

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