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Friday, December 5, 2014

O.G. Blogging

So, while Coco enjoys her birthday luxuriating at what is colloquially called The Naked Lady Spa, I am out blogging in Starbucks, just like old times. I've got an outlet and a hot coco, and they're playing some nice tunes, but the view isn't much to write home about. Ah, Suburban Nation.

(If I were really ambitions, I would have done some time-lapse photography.)

Since I'm feeling old school, I thought I would just dump some bloggy stuff in here, like I used to, when people actually had blogs and read each other's. See, here's an old joke about it:

(Now our cat has his own Facebook page)

Ah, those heady days. We'd meet each other and someone would ask "what's up?" and the response would be a resentful acknowledgment that maybe not everybody was waiting for your latest post, to devour it and know exactly what was up. I guess the practice lives on in memory, at least - I mean, this is from a fairly recent television show, isn't it?

(Although that short looks like it's made out of Qiana - that's not coming back, is it?)

Before hanging out at Starbucks waiting for Coco to finish her spa visit, I hung out on campus waiting for her to finish teaching. (Yeah, she had to work today, more's the bummer.) I graded and prepped and visited some folks and sent some email and had lunch, a tofurkey sandwich. Not leftovers from Thanksgiving: we didn't have any of those, since we went out for dinner to Bamboo Garden, although we did have some faux-leftovers because Coco made stuffing anyway and I bought a can of jellied cranberry sauce, just like mom used to buy, except that the can isn't ribbed anymore and they don't emboss the sell-by code into the metal but use ink instead, so the quivering purple cylinder has less architectural detail now, but I digress. My sandwich included cheddar cheese and cucumbers, and was on sliced "artisanal" bread.

Now that's an old-school blog post.


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