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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Water features

So, spring certainly sprang today in Bellingham, the City of Subdued Excitement.

Coco and I had a fresh rice-noodle-and-tofu salad for dinner, not quite al fresco, but certainly with doors and windows open, and jumped at the opportunity for a post-prandial stroll in the sunshine. After feeling not-quite-guilty watching some deer eat the neighbor's tulips, we made our way down to the waterfront and since it was such a glorious day decided on the longish northeastward walk through the village and along the boardwalk to Boulevard Park rather than our usual shortish westward route past the train station to Marine Park.

That turned out to be a good call.

The boardwalk and the park were filled with shiny happy people enjoying the evening; puppies abounded (and some of them bounded) and cyclists wove their ways through through the walkers. Little did we know that we weren't just taking the air- we were also acting as spectators for slackliners, a canine SUP boarder, and some outrigger paddlers.

Here, see for yourself:

I couldn't have asked for a better end to the day. B'ham sure lived up to its nickname tonight.

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