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Saturday, October 4, 2008

[jet city] Pre-celebration

October birthday celebrations are often a group affair here in the collective. Last year was my half-century, and everyone made a big deal of it (thanks again!), but this year the was no such fete, just a day off.

Otis and I managed to play the day away despite the rainy skies. We started with breakfast out, at the Atlas in University Village. This one of the restaurants run by the folks who have the 5-Spot, Coastal Kitchen, and some other places; it wasn't bad.

We took a break from fun to do some grocery shopping, and then headed over to Cap Hill to hang at Half Price Books, where I got some goodies, seen here. (I think that HPB stores, particularly the Cap Hill locations, are overlooked gems in this city - I could spend all day there sometimes.)

The afternoon found us at the Egyptian for a matinee of Sukiyaki Western Django, a totally cool, brutal and lyrical Japanese spaghetti western. If you liked Tears of the Black Tiger, you'll love this.

We managed to squeeze in dinner with Johnbai and Soapy before heading home for quiet evening, punctuated by a latenight (homemade-by-Otis) coffee cake with a single candle.



wheylona said...

Well dang! First off, belated very merry and happy bday wishes to you!

For some reason I missed the switch to this new blog and just today discovered I've been missing heaps and heaps of posts!! Double dang!

Walaka said...

Well, thanks, Whey!

Now, get all caught up!