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Thursday, October 2, 2008

[jet city] Liveblogging the VP debate - NOT

We're sitting at home tonight with the Palin-Biden debate glowing on the big wall, but this is not a liveblog, although if you want one, you can go here. I'm trying not even to watch. No, I'm just having a chat with my peeps.

This quarter sure started up fast! It seems that I'm reading papers and conferencing with students and going to meetings and getting assigned to campus-wide projects and all that. This isn't in Blockhead Rhetoric because it really isn't about teaching, its just about being a busy guy again. I'm getting used to my schedule and am happy that it leaves me time to continue my running in the morning. It's just a wonder how much I have to do when, for the first time in a long time, I'm only working one job! I guess this tenure-track increase-of-responsibility thing is a real phenomenon, not just a myth. At any rate, I feel busy, but good-busy.

The busy-ness at work is part of a larger picture of "hunkering down" for the gray season. There's less time for being out and about during the daylight, and sunset is coming along sooner every day, so a lot of the focus is moving to at-home or low-key activities. I'll have a lot of nights at homegarding, that's for sure, but I'm really looking forward to the upcoming D&D campaign; I get a lot of satisfaction out of those regular get-togethers. I don't know what other kind of ongoing moveable feast we may cook up for the dark times; it's been so long that I've gone to the movies, maybe I'll be able to start a regular Crest night again.

Just some gossipy stuff: JJ is in town for her birthday today, although she will not be able to attend Librapalooza. Another early Libran is FarmerScott, who kicked off October birthdays on the first, and my birth-twin (if you adjust for time zones) K of Monmouth is celebrating hers today. (
And thanks to Dingo for her birthday wishes to me today - a day early, but still welcome!) In non-birthday news, Dar-Dar Binks had a little yard sale t'other day, the first step in her decampment from Cap Hill to the wilds of Ballard. I believe O is soon on her way back to visit her ancestral homelands in America's breadbasket; bon voyage! Wheylona has been pretty quiet lately, but it seems she's back on the air, so head over to Viva and give her some love.

And here's a smiley picture of Otis to take us home.

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John said...

Happy Berfday Walakus.