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Monday, December 1, 2008

[apparatus] Blog bast #4

Since we borrowed the DVD set of Farscape - what, about three weeks ago now? - we have watched about a season and a half of it. Otis is positively addicted - not only does she want to watch it every frelling night, but when we discovered a missing disk, she downloaded the episodes on iTunes and we projected from the laptop!

Okay, I'll admit it, I like it a lot, too. And the ability to watch a series - any series - basically all at one go is really changing how people interact with Story. I'm telling you, there's a doctoral dissertation in there. maybe I should write it.

But that can't be the only junk culture of note that has surfaced recently, can it? Not bloody likely:

Just for Johnbai: hippo fight!

Okay, this video starts out as one of those sweet inter-species friendship stories, the kind that Otis really likes, and then hangs a hard left into Weirdville. Downtown Weirdville, at the corner of Disturbing Avenue and Crazy Street.

Occasionally I have posted games that I thought were cool or fun. This one is just damn frustrating!

I have to find a way to work these old manuals into the tech writing class I'll be teaching next quarter.

Okay, that concludes BlogBlast 2008. Maybe now that the tubes are clear, this particular section of the Internet will start flowing again with some quality content. Hope springs eternal...


RAB said...

Let me know when or if I get to say I told you so!

lowcoolant said...

That video is awesome.

Ned said...

Um. I have no idea what to do with that last scene. No idea. My mind, it is boggled.

John said...

I love it when the duck's bill is knocked off.