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Monday, December 1, 2008

[jet city] Blog bast #1

Sometimes, you just have to take your ride down to the flats and blow the carbon out of the pipes. I have been absent from the blog for a long time, and the longer it goes, the weightier I feel the next post has to be, so instead of waiting until I (or forcing myself to) come up with a brilliant essay, I'm just gonna blast the intarweb with a lot of little stuff.

A lot has happened around town since the last post, not the least of which has been Otis (and by extension, me) taking on dog-sitting Bailey while Lon and Jules are vacationing in Mexico. Lots of fun adventures in poop-scooping, resulting in Otis's informed observation: cats are a lot easier than dogs. Another few days and the master and mistress will be back, letting us off the leash.

The new D&D campaign got started in earnest. Johnbai is DMing again, with his usual incredibly high level of detail. Otis and Soapy are reprising their old roles, Dingo has joined us (breathing life into a former NPC), and I have revised my character somewhat. Neds couldn't commit to the whole campaign, so she came along as a completely new character specifically designed to join the party, betray them, and go out in a blaze of glory. And so she did.

Farewell, Moloch, you untrustworthy tiefling SOB.

The Thanksgiving Holiday went just fine. The day began with a Pumcake Brunch with just me and the ladies around the table: Dingo, Stella, Trots, O, and JagGirl. Yum-o! Afterward, I joined Otis and Clan Putnam up in LFP for an East Indian thanksgiving meal: channa masala, dal, tandoori, raita, and Robb's Whipped Monkey King Coconut Yams. And let's not forget the tevenberry pie!

There's one more week or so of fall quarter, and then the long winter break begins. I'm sure more adventures lie in store.

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lowcoolant said...

Is that a picture of Moloch when he was young and pretty? Looks more like a neutered girl scout in horns. Face-licking puppies have inspired more terror.

--Nyro, sculptor of fire and vomitor of praise