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Friday, June 5, 2009

Echoes of unuttered words

That sounds like such a fun ride I don’t care where I sit.

In a jocular exchange about the next day's carpooling, a pal sent me an email containing nothing but that line. A weird sensation suddenly struck me; sort of a faux-deja vu. It was as if I knew I had never seen or heard the sentence before, but I felt as if I ought to have done.

I could faintly hear Bette Davis's voice and realized that there were some echoes of this classic line from All About Eve:

But that wasn't quite it. The line wasn't that diabolical; it was more mischievous. Then I heard Olympia Dukakis as Clairee in Steel Magnolias:

This was more like it. Like this exchange, the new line hints a little at schadenfreude, and the anticipation of some small misfortune occurring to someone else, or perhaps the expectation of a minor villain being served comeuppance.

If nothing else, it signifies enthusiasm for an impending event that might not be entirely innocent, but isn't mean, either.

So I took the line and heard it in the voice (and the North Texas accent) of my great and good friend Gweekers; it suited her perfectly and sensation was complete.

That sounds like such a fun ride I don’t care where I sit.

A great one-liner waiting for its context. Thanks, RF.

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