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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Report from Client Exile

Otis has a busy morning working, so I have hied myself to one of my favorite spots: The Green Bean.

I love to plug this place - it's a cool little non-profit coffeehouse that supports a bunch of worthwhile local causes. Nice work, even if their parent organization loves the jebus. There's a particularly happy energy in here this morning, with some study group (talking about electricity and cells?) that just left, a bunch of people working on laptops, some kids - just lots of activity and plenty of sunshine streaming through the big windows.

Of course, the big deal right now is that yesterday was the last day of the regular school year, which ended with the Cascadia graduation ceremony at 7:00 last night in beautiful Lynnwood. So, counting today, there are 107 days until the first day of fall quarter. Wow! That's a lot! In point of fact, it is not quite so golden as it might otherwise be. In an attempt to get a handle on my summer, I (of course) made a spreadsheet. Here's the chart (click to embiggen):

Lots of things, small and large, floating around these 15 weeks. For example, I need to post my grades by Tuesday, and I'm luckier than many of my colleagues in that my grading is actually finished; I also have a six-hour planning retreat on Monday. I've picked up two classes for the eight-week summer session, and I will probably have a half-dozen half-day working meetings of the Program Review committee in July and August, plus some report-writing time. The required pre-fall days start two weeks before the quarter, and I'll likely have to go to some meetings to plan those, too.

I'm not complaining at all, mind you; I have a long list of personal projects to work on, and I fully expect to have plenty of time to dig into all of them, as well as enjoying the lake every day and some occasional weekend trips. We may even see the return of Summer Humpday dinners in some form! Let's face it, 107 is a big number no matter how you slice it up.

So here's to a full, full summer!

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