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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cryptanalyze this

So, the campus security folks had a  sale of unclaimed items yesterday. I got Coco an insulated lunchbag, and picked up a nice fedora, a bluetooth mouse, and some of those gloves that you can wear and still work a smart phone. They had a whole table of jewelry (mostly single earrings, of course) and I picked up a ring on a chain that looked kind of exotic. Here's what it looks like:

I am curious about that symbol. Here's a bit closer look:

I haven't been able to suss out that design. It looks like Sanskrit to me, but it isn;t one of the chakra symbols, and I can't find anything else that matches. Using this website, the closest hots are small ligature Armenian alphabet symbols, but again, I can't find a precise match.

I even tried flipping the symbol over, which looks even less natural to me, and it still didn't get me anywhere.  The designs on the didn-t help much either:

I see a building, and maybe a torch or some pliers or pincers below it

The other side has another building, or maybe a book or a box, and the same tool or object.

Any guesses out there -- or even better, real knowledge?


Richard Bensam said...

Only guesses, I'm afraid. That building strongly suggests it's meant to be a Mormon ring, but I can't pick out any of those characters in the Deseret alphabet.

The look of the letters puts one in mind of this sort of thing, but again no exact match:

Walaka said...

Yeah, lots of close-es but still no cigar... thanks!