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Friday, May 9, 2014

Goin' coconuts

So, I was at the local drugstore with Coco and right there near the pharmacy was this display of healthy-type beverages:

You can see in there with the yerba mate two different brands and several varieties of coconut water. I guess coconut water has been a hipster health craze for a while, not quite into kambucha territory but pretty close. What struck me was that one of these is coconut products is water and the other is juice.

Here's the 99¢ variety, called water:

And here's its ingredient list:

So, it's just plain coconut water; simple. (Interesting side note that the water comes to Seattle from Thailand via Rhode Island.)

So here's the $2.49 brand, and it's confusing, because it's called juice in big letters but says water on the bottom:

And the ingredients are no different from the other:

Although this one specifies the age and not the nationality of the coconuts.

So what makes this juice? The other two canned varieties include coconut pulp and lime juice respectively; that might be an argument for calling those products juice instead of water, but the naming convention extends to to the water-only version as well, so I am at a loss.

Wikipedia is no help. A search for "coconut juice" redirects to "coconut water" - but that page is listed under the category of Fruit Juice! It is a conundrum indeed.

Now, I realize this is just a tiny mystery when set against the vast riddle of life, but I apparently I made a bit of a ruckus in the drugstore as I investigated it, so I had to say that I was going to blog about it to justify the hubbub I created.

And so I have.

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