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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A little more quotidian

So, in my post yesterday, I got wrapped up in some Big Ideas and got distracted from the more mundane aspects of WARMER (a dose of AFP will do that to you). So here are some deets for the records, as it were:

In addition to "writing a novel" (heh - about 900 words so far) I have been including my RPG game journal as part of my W. I write up summaries of the gaming sessions, but from the perspective of my character; it is a great exercise in voice and description, if a but constrained as to narrative and plot. My buddy who is DMing thinks that if I keep it up, it can be retrofit as story; he might not be half-wrong, especially since he does a great job of putting some complex themes into the game. We'll see if we reach a natural ending at sometime point and I can try that experiment.

For A, I have been doing some character sketches and have once again taken up the 200 Project from from last summer. Everything goes on Talent Not Guaranteed.

I am really ready to rock and roll with R - it has been a joy to linger in the sun with a book in my hands. First, I finished off two short-story collections that had been sitting on my night stand for what seems like forever:

I have something posted about each of these before, but I don't think I'll go into detailed reviews.

I am currently in the middle of another short story collection (that I tweeted about) and a seminal 1954 primer on Game Theory (that became a pretty tough go right after chapter one).

And here's the stack to get through. It's almost all non-fiction; I might have to throw another novel in there to balance it out.

Moving on to M: I'm just going to say that my fingers were really sore after the first couple of ukulele practices. The muscle memory may be there, but the flexibility sure ain't.

Speaking of flexibility: my E routine is the NY Times Scientific 7-Minute Workout. I used to do the Royal Canadian Airforce 5BX Exercise Plan for Physical Fitness, but when I read about this new one, it sounded a lot like something Doc Savage would do if he didn't have the two-hours for his usual regimen, so I switched.

In some ways, R is a gimme: I walk a lot. My usual pleasure route looks like this...

... but I am more and more just incorporating walking-as-transportation into my routine. (This guy doesn't stay very current, but I like his approach.)  And I have gotten the longboard out just once - I'm thinking about getting a land-paddle.

That's the 4-1-1.

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