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Sunday, June 15, 2014

This summer it's going to be WARMER

So, I'm not talking about global climate change or even the Old Farmer's Almanac prediction, and today's weather certainly doesn't hold a lot of promise for that outcome regardless. What I'm really talking about is this year's Summer Self-Improvement Scheme™. In the tradition of Around Walaka in Eighty Days, this year we're going spend the 91 Days of Summer getting WARMER.

Here's how it goes:

W Writing: gonna try that hour-a-day-for-nothing-but scheme.
A Art: gonna make a sketch or drawing a day
R Reading: gonna make sure I set aside time to read every night.
M Music: gonna practive the uke every day. (Like last summer. Sigh.)
E Exercise: gonna keep up with my daily workout (started a month or so ago).
R Road work: gonna walk, run, or longboard daily.

Once again, I don't have a real summer vacation - I'll be teaching at least one summer quarter online class and doing some committee work between now and September. But I should have enough free time to have a prolonged run  of productivity. When doing some intention-setting exercises with Coco (who, if you know her, is all about things like intention-setting exercises), I decided that my theme word for this year was fruitful. I want not just to be creative and enjoy myself but to see some tangible results of the creativity and some reward for my activity. That's what WARMER is all about.

To that end, I am marshaling the power of social media and public commitment: the WARMER tally sheet, seen on the right sidebar, will be updated weekly on Mondays. We're going to aim for 91% success rate for daily activities over the stretch of 91 days - that means I need 83 green boxes under each letter by September 14. Ain't no hill for a stepper.

Summer is upon us - it's time to get WARMER!


Courtney said...

Yay for WARMER!

jes ketcham weber said...

Love it! I want a WARMER tally sheet too!

(Also. The "prove you're not a robot" code below is my hometown area code! It's a sign! Of something! Not sure what! But who cares!)

Walaka said...

I think it proves you're a robot, jes...