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Monday, September 8, 2014

Temp check 12/13: almost over (thank goodness)

So, a check of the tally sheet over on the right shows a little bit of pre-fall free-fall going on. It would have been a pretty disappointing week if hadn't been for my discovering Babymetal.

Anyway, as might be said in politics, WARMER has not been an unqualified success. The lofty goals embedded in the concept and the strong performance early in the season have given way to a perhaps less-ambitious regimen. I have been honest throughout; I'm not like this guy:

but that is, of course, cold comfort when it comes to assessing my own performance. However, we will save the post-mortem until the patient is actually dead.

This week included two RPG game nights, one civilian game night, one working lunch, one playing lunch, a couple of catch-up sojourns, and a beer-drinking, carpet-buying afternoon adventure that almost but not quite resulted in a car being impounded. And long afternoon at the tattoo place where I got married, getting this:

(yeah, I posted about it already, but it's really cool)

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