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Monday, September 15, 2014

Temp Check 13/13: What I did on my Summer Vacation

So, have you ever watched the Olympics, or any gymnastics competition actually, and noticed the poise of the participants? No matter how poor the performance, no matter how many missed moves, no matter that the dismount was more of a fall-and-collapse, the gymnast springs up beaming and salutes the audience and the judges.

Here's my version:

This happy affect belies the reality; the truth is in the tally sheet to the right [edit: it has been moved to below in this post]: WARMER was pretty much a crash-and-burn, at least statistically. I had set a goal of 91% engagement with each element of this year's Summer Self-Improvement Scheme™, and the numbers just don't pencil out:

Writing: was gonna do the hour-a-day-for-nothing-but scheme - 72% 
(only because I included blogging)
Art: was gonna make a sketch or drawing a day - 30% 
Reading: was gonna make sure I set aside time to read every night - 94% 
(well, that's a bright spot!)
Music: was gonna practice the uke every day - 47% 
(was actually doing pretty well until mid-term)
Exercise: was gonna keep up with my daily workout - 75% 
(again, better earlier, worse later)
Road work: was gonna walk, run, or longboard daily - 81% 
(that's okay, actually)

Live by the spreadsheet, die by the spreadsheet, I guess. What's more important than these arbitrary goals is keeping this focus on productive play as we move forward through the rainy season. I am teaching a full load and taking a class, so time management is gong to be very important: I can't let things just slip-slide away. But I remain confident.

And look at that last day - at least I nailed the dismount!

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