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Monday, January 5, 2015

Just another pic dump

So, I know it's kinda cheating and not exactly "long-form," but these photos have been kicking around my computer for a while and lumping them all together seems to be a better idea than dribbling them out. Anyway, here they are.

This is picture of the best idea I ever had back when I was a dean. Not the packing peanuts, that was Maurice Laverne Zweigle in 1960. I mean hiring Alex as the (de facto if not ex officio) lead in the instructional science labs at my college. She is smart, thorough, dedicated, endlessly innovative, and in this picture totally adorable. The lab techs at Cascadia are the best in the business and Alex is a gem.

You had one job...

Seattle formal wear: how many flannel shirts are at the typical restaurant table where you live?

I saw this hanging at Sea-Tac, and all I could think of was this.

That backwards __15cl on the wine glass there caused a bit of consternation. Two questions were raised: Is 15 centiliters (a little over 5 ounces) a decent pour for a classy place? and Is putting a pour line on the glass a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? I'm the guy who still drinks Two-buck Chuck out of a tumbler and likes it, so I didn't have much to offer, except another question: How do you know it's really 15 cl?


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