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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Last of the break

So, normally this might just be a Facebook album, but in consideration of the current Month of the Month initiative, I am turning it into a blog post. As an additional part of my re-negotiation with social media, I have set up an RSS feed for my Facebook notifications: they will come to my Feedly, like the blogs I read, instead of my having to visit Facebookland. We'll see how that works.

So here's the last photographic bits and bobs from the California trip.

Embrace The Light

I tried to do a forced-perspective Coco-grabbing-the-sun thing on Venice Beach... not entirely successful.

Macho Man

This reminded me of one friend in particular...  let's see if he'll read this. This item was actually one of the more tasteful examples of T-short art available on the Venice boardwalk.

His Beak Can Hold More Than His Belly Can

This pelican was hanging out on the roof of the shops at the Redondo Beach Pier while we were having an ice cream cone. Man, they are way bigger than Green Lake herons. I was surprised the photo came out so well.

It Hit The Spot

Old-school vegetarian goodness - this place was awesome. Apparently it's been going strong for 38 years - through the evolution from the days it was called health food to just vegetarian. Everything we had was fantastic. It's enough to make me want to move to L.A. (as if the sun and the warmth and the sea and the sand weren't enough).

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