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Sunday, July 26, 2015

8W.2.10K &c

Week 2 update of the 2015 SSIS™, such as it is.


Week Two of the regimen seems to be a plateau: essentially, four two-miles runs at a 10:30 pace. This is pretty slow for me: I ran a 5K a year and a half ago at 9:31 and one in the spring (after too little training) at 9:53. Maybe I'm just getting older and slower. In any case, the regimen ramps up now and over the next two weeks I'll pretty much run eight 5Ks, so we'll see how that goes.


Still off, although Coco shares some news and photos with me. Almost out of the habit of looking for the icon to click. Been sending more direct emails to folks rather than posting on their pages - how quaint and old-fashioned!


Dang, still slogging through The Story of Stuff.

  • Worked again on Tuesday and Wednesday - this has got to stop.
  • Met with my Maker pal for a delightful and informative lunch and went on a fruitless expedition to find the tools I want. I'll try again.
  • 10 Weeks to a Dead End is delayed again and will start next week for better coordination with the running schedule.
  • Spent a day at the cabin and did a little cat-sitting.

Bonus surprise extra

Coco loves her some indy-girl singer-songwriters, and I learned that this is happening tonight:

Danielle is one of Coco's faves, so I am going to take her up there as a surprise tonight. As a matter of fact, this post will publish while we're there, so text her and tell her to have a good time!

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