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Sunday, July 19, 2015

9W.2.10K &c

This year's SSIS™ got off to a sketchy start, so this is the first Official Update®. Let's catch up, first:

Week -3: Finished grading, made a final, vain attempt to get clearance for Trike Snacks, enjoyed time with Coco before summer work started. Almost like a lazy summer vacation!

Week -2: Spent five full days at a training workshop in beautiful Vancouver USA, escaping the heat and working hard. Between that and the holiday heat wave and cat-sitting, not much else!

Week -1: Social week while Coco worked! Dinners and lunches with pals just about every day! More cat-sitting! A weekend-long nerd bachelor party! Punk blues band! Pretty good stuff, actually. Got the my SSIS together.

There is no Week Zero.

So, now that we're current, here's the normal update for Week 1:



The red line is my mile pace (in minutes). That line should trend down as I get faster. The blue line is the distance run (in miles) in each workout. That line goes up, partly because as I get faster, the three time-limited runs per week will see greater distance, and partly because the fourth distance-limited weekly run increases by design every other week. Those two lines should track toward each other all summer, but don't expect them to meet. I'm not aiming to run farther than six miles, and I couldn't run at a six-minute pace unless I was was struck by lighting and thrown into a wall of chemicals. But hopefully they'll get close enough to wave at each other.


Off it for a full week. Miss it a little, but feeling the lightened load. I must curate my Twitter account pretty well, because there's lots less nasty stuff there than I encountered on FB, and it keeps me in touch with the pop culture stuff.


The Summer Reading Program has included (since Week -3)
  • The Score and The Outfit (graphic novels)
  • A Touch of Stardust
  • And Another Thing... (abandoned)
  • The Knowledge (abandoned)
  • No Highway
  • Raiders of the Nile
  • The Martian
Currently reading: The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

  •  I actually did campus work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: what the heck is up with that? I'm supposed to be on vacation!
  • Making is still in the works; I have a meeting next Thursday that will move it forward a great deal.
  • 10 Weeks to a Dead End will begin Week 2 and be offset one week from the running.
  •  I saw Ant-Man!
That's all, then. Looks like we're on our way!

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jes ketcham weber said...

Yay running! Yay charts! Can't wait to hear the making update, too! <3 jes