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Sunday, August 16, 2015

5W.2.10K &c


Moving to the 40 minute/4 mile plateau has been tough. I'm hanging in there at about a 10:30 pace average, but the going is rugged and I had my slowest mile in several weeks today. I'll blame the 500 foot elevation change in today's four-mile route and stick with it for another week, at least.


Things happened and no one knows...


Still a little left to Old Venus (it's pretty thick).


Some frustrating workbench time. Even with new materials, this doesn't seem to be coming together. Curses.

  • A couple of days devoted primarily to work stuff.
  • Ed Putnam remembrance day.
  • Three whole days in Spokaloo! With town & country, Shakespeare & baseball, beer & cider, ice cream & peaches, and Gayle & Mikey. Finestkind.

Coco, nature photographer.

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