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Saturday, September 6, 2008

[jet city] Thanks, Ed

Today Otis and I attended the Memorial Service for Ed Putnam, Otis's father, at Lakeside School, where he was the Athletic Director. Otis had hoped for what she now calls "Ed's eyes skies," and the clear, sunny day and cloudless blue firmament gave her exactly that.

Under that beautiful sky, somewhere about 300 people showed up to pay tribute to a man who was clearly and totally loved by not only his family and friends, but also by the colleagues with whom he worked and the students he taught and coached. By turns touching, inspirational, and funny, the service combined music, poetry, images, and reminisces to paint a portrait of a man whose compassion, dedication, and joy affected so many; it was as much a celebration as a memorial.

My especial thanks go out to Steve, Nedra, Xavier, Diane, Kristen, Ryan, Laila, Matt, Dorothy, Josh, Karen, and Adam for coming out to support Otis and honor Ed's legacy. Your presence added to the comfort and solace that Otis and her mother and brothers - Ann, Christopher, and Robb - received from this day of remembrance.

At the school and later at the Putnam house, it was a day of socializing and togetherness, of visits from those far away and those next door, of connection and reconnection. It was a day full of life, just as Ed would have wanted, but it does not begin to fill the hole that has been left by Ed's passing.

So long, Ed.
You are missed.

Ed Putnam
November 11, 1945 - August 12, 2008

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