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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Just another pic dump redux

Continuing a January tradition started a year ago...

I saw this from the window on campus and  thought it really illustrated how small the Smart car is.

I didn't think they made these anymore, but there they were, big as life. These were an especial treat when I was a kid. Although I indulge in a box of Oreos once a year during holiday season, I imagine that if I were to eat these now, they would be entirely too sweet. My sister has a memory of me stuffing my mouth full of these, pouring milk in after, then laughing at something on TV and spraying the mess all over the screen. What delicacy they were.

This was a random rainbow on the floor of the hallway on campus. I couldn't find the source - something prismatic on in the window of the bookstore, I thought.

The desk of a colleague at work; the animal motif is not random. The pachyderm by the computer is there to remind her to always talk about the elephant in the room. The livestock scampering on the pencil case fill a similar function: a reminder not to let anyone get her goat. Sometimes the goats will even accompany her to meetings, riding in a pocket to provide some grounding. Nice practice for more effective collaboration, I think.

I may repost this every January just because it is one of my all-time favorite photos, but this year I have an excuse: Alex, the lab tech par excellence I hired some years ago (the first time I was a dean), just finished her master's degree. I can pick 'em.

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