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Monday, September 29, 2008

[apparatus] Hither and yon

So, what have the intarwebs served up for us lately? From me to you, the latest stuff that made the Unsorted Bookmarks.

First, here's another collection of future-from-the-past inventions that will likely make their way into the Steampunk GURPS (if we ever play it).

In that same vein, her's a little clip from a documentary about Paul Otlet, who was describing something a lot like the World Wide Web - in 1932.

(Here's the Wikipedia entry for more info.)

And some of that can-do, visionary spirit is still making itself felt today - check out this story on a real-life Rocketeer.

And to finish off with a complete non-sequitur: here's the theme from The Flintstones in Polish:

Late breaking news: Wheylona's boyfriend is going to be even more famous, now that he will be in a comic book!

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