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Monday, August 11, 2014

Temp check 8/13: Heavens to Betsy

So, the latest WARMER tally sheet is up to the right. It looks much the same as it has done, except for that great red slice across Friday and Saturday. That bloody gash represents a trip to The Lilac City: Spokane, Washington. I went to grad school in Cheney, just outside Spokaloo, and I still have lots of pals there. At least once a summer, we head out early on the 4 hour and 35 minute drive, have lunch, catch an Indians ball game, stay up too late talking, have brunch, and head back home to the cat. It's a great trip every time - and was especially good this time - but it means 36 hours of hard chargin', starting this year on Thursday morning and ending on Friday night.

Coco during our snack break in Vantage, overlooking the Columbia River

As a result, the WARMER plan took a hit. It has taken a lot of hits this summer. I started out strong early in the season, but it seems there's been too much cool stuff - as opposed to WARMER stuff - distracting me this year. When I look at last year, I seemed so on task and consistent. But maybe I was just a lying liar last year. Or maybe I am actually busier.


I know one thing I did this week that I didn't do last summer: I officiated a wedding.

My gaming buddy Alex married his girlfriend Sage and I got to do the honors. It was a pretty cool ceremony; one of the "readings" was a quotation from Dr. Who!

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