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Monday, September 14, 2015

Hamster tales

Hats off to Coco, who is keeping the home fires burning, battening down the hatches, toting that barge and lifting that bale, and generally doing the off with the old while I get the on with the new started.

After yeomen's work on the part of a party of loyalists, I am safely entrenched in Bellingham, living out of a suitcase for a week in an art- and plant-filled but otherwise mostly empty condo until the household move happens.

There was a little hitch in the giddyup with getting gas service to the new condo, but it's all shaking out okay and should be smooth sailing from on in.

At my first day of work, I found out that this Philosophy, Criminal Justice, and Rhetoric graduate will have deaconal responsibilites for Engineering, Instrumentation, Process Technology, Geomatics, and Welding. Here we go!

Going through a small boatload of HR Paper work earns some swag as a reward

 Spiritwear, of course.
 No wi-fi at home yet - luckily it's a short walk to the center of the neighborhood.

That's all for this dispatch... more soon.