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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Six, two, and even, over and out (burying the lede)

Well, the Summer Self-Improvement Scheme™ of 2015 is coming to a (slightly) premature close.

It was pegged to the 10 Weeks to a 10 K race training that was providing structure to my long, luxurious days of not-teaching. As I reported earlier, a piriformis strain put a hitch in that giddyup and both the execution and results of the regiment have been reduced considerably, to wit:

You can see (a) a bunch of missed runs and (b) a regression in both speed and distance. Who'd have thought I'd get a typical runner's injury? Maybe I should stick to a trike.

But piriformis syndrome is just a hiccup compared to the major life change that is disrupting the Scheme:

Yep, I'm heading back to Deantown! I have accepted a position as Dean at Bellingham Technical College, just up the road a piece from Seattle. This is wonderful opportunity to join a great school and do some good work, and Bellingham has always been a favorite place to visit for Coco and me (and Coco attended Fairhaven College there), so we're terribly excited by it all.

We're also going to be terribly busy, since my start date is less than two weeks away! As our cat's mechanical hamster used to say, here we go!

Just to tie up loose ends:

I'm back on Facebook. As problematic as the platform is, it is really the best way to keep in touch with local peeps during this transition.

I finished reading The Rhesus Chart and started and finished New Frontiers. I am in the middle of Traitor's Storm by M.J. Trow; I'll probably finish that but I'm not sure how much other pleasure reading I'll be able to fit in before winter.

Since the last SSIS report, I've done a lot of cat-sitting, spent a day working on campus, went to a magic/mentalism show, playtested games and bought one, had a guy-lunch and sweetie-sunset, but the featured highlight is this Taco Time Fiesta with my sissy:

That's what I'm talking about.

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