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Sunday, September 27, 2015

What the futbol?

So, I could give you and update on the move, or the snafu of a move-out, or the joys of being a 'hamster, or Coco's upcoming quarter as a literal Freeway Flyer, but instead, i want to share with you two sports highlights.

On our way out of Seattle after well and truly clearing out of the townhouse, Coco and I stopped by the Cascadia campus so she could make some copies for her impending First Day of Class. SAs we made our way back to the top of the parking structure, we could see the athletic field below and this scene was going on:

Is this a goof, or some weird training regimen, or what?

Then, as we were taking a walk around Fairhaven today, we encountered this game a little off-shore at Marine Park:

Now what the heck is this? It sure looks strenuous, whatever it is.

These two games sure serve to show how mainstream plain old soccer is, I guess.

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