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Sunday, July 17, 2016


So, while we were getting ready for a day trip today, Coco told me I could check her purse to see if she had slipped my clip-on sunglasses inside when we had come back from our last day trip. She also asked me to check to see if I could get some pens out that had somehow worked their way into the purse lining.

I emptied the purse to look for the sunglasses (which were not there but later turned up under the passenger seat of the car). As I piled the stuff on the table, I was put in mind of those photo essays in which photographers take a picture of every possession a family has, or of all the food that someone eats in a day or a week. In that vein, here's what Coco had in her purse on just an ordinary day:

During this process, I easily found the small tear in a seam of one of the interior zippered pockets. I managed to retrieve all the items that had had worked their way into the lining of the purse:

Future archeologists and anthropologists studying the minutiae of daily life in the early 21st Century: you're welcome.

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