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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lady GIFs - let 'em load

So, I caught some nice funny video of our college president at graduation and I have been meaning to convert it into a GIF so that we could stick it on a web page somewhere for a bit of whimsy. I checked around online and found a couple of sites, one of which was a little better than the others. Since I was in the groove, after I converted the commencement video, I made a few more GIFs from easily accessible clips on my laptop.

Coco in the Rain

...flooded Office Dept parking lot

Will it Go Round in Circles

 ...Cowan park?

JK Could Have Danced All Night

 ...Oscars Night!

Sissy Celebrates 
...empty middle seat on a flight to Chicago.

Be-Bop-a-Coco, that's my baby...

 ...Ballet Vietnamese restaurant
When you read the headline, did it sound like gif or jif?


Alan Barclay said...

Gif. It is not a jar of peanut butter. And the English language don't work that way.

Richard said...

It's the Graphic Interchange Format, not the Giraffic Interchange Format.

Well, except for this: