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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Correlation is not causation.... but still

So, today was a hot and sunny day in Seattle (it broke 90 on July 1st for the first time ever). To put that in perspective, here are the historical monthly averages of Seattle's high and low temperatures:

And for good measure, here is the same for precipitation:

I though of these because I recently looked at this chart from my mileage tracker app thingie:

Seems to me there is a direct correlation with temperature and an inverse correlation to precipitation happening there, eh? To be fair, I did break a toe in fall, burn my toes in a December kitchen incident, and get the flu twice in January. But still.


Richard Bensam said...

Burning your toes in a kitchen incident -- sounds like a tale is hidden in there. Were you cooking while barefoot or wearing sandals or flip-flops? This is why Batali-style Crocs are the preferred kitchen footwear around these parts.

Walaka said...

Although I was wearing flip-flops, crocs would not likely have helped in this case. A pan lost integrity and molten aluminum splashed and spilled. The 1200 degree liquid would have gone right though the sole of the croc, as it did my slippers. It was a rare case.

Richard Bensam said...

Holy Moley!