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Monday, July 14, 2014

Temp Check 4/13

So, just remember that for Seattle and Seattleites, the "heat" of summer works a lot like the "snows" of winter: even though our extremes may not be as intense as other parts of the country, we are woefully underprepared for any excesses at all, so the effects are magnified.

Just as a dusting of snow can immobilize the city because our weather response resources comprise three bags of salt and one John Deere riding mower with a snowplow, mildly hot weather makes us cranky and lethargic because very few spaces are air conditioned. If it's 105º in Phoenix, residents won't notice unless they leave their air-conditioned offices, air-conditioned homes, or air-conditioned restaurants and actually go outside. Here, we're hot everywhere except the frozen food aisle of Whole Foods.

All of that goes to explain the numerous red squares on the chart: it's been too warm to be WARMER, especially on Saturday, when it hit 90º. Those four catch-up-with-old-pals lunches, the two RPG sessions, the one night at the theatre, and some angel duty might have contributed to it as well...

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