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Monday, July 7, 2014

Temp check 3/13: Flotsam and jetsam

So, a discerning look at the tally sheet will reveal three colors: Green (Mission accomplished!), Red (You lazy dog!), and Light Green. That last marks those days that I kinda sorta made progress in the category, but not really, if I want to be totally, technically, officially, accurate. So: things like writing, but not writing fiction; playing with the art stuff but not making progress on page;  noodling on the uke but not practicing chord progressions or a song; like that.

It's been going pretty well, considering (a) it's the nicest summer in a long time, with some really hot days, leading us to indolence; (b) I have had some exigencies, such as driving a pal all the way to Tacoma after we couldn't make it through Seattle traffic to the train station; and (c) I am working more than I expected to this summer, not just on my classes, but other school stuff. Not to mention the terrible corrupting influence of Amanda F. Palmer.

The long red streak this week in A is for Art reflects the challenge of panel borders and dialog balloons. In addition to a distinct lack of talent influencing my growth as a draughtsman, a distinct lack of skill also obtains, and the pedestrian tasks of laying out panels on a page and placing balloons surely vex me. I keep waffling between by-hand and by-computer approaches. The saying is that a poor workman blames his tools, but I'm a pretty poor workman, so I am indeed looking for some new tools to aid with those details.

Overall? No complaints from me. Summer is moving along just as it should. Coco even has the pool up!

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