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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#Hawaiian Eye: Arrival

So, I had originally planned to revitalize POG and Vodka to memorialize this trip to Hawaii, but then I decided that that record of my Maui-moon with Coco was a perfect stand-alone artifact and I didn't want to tamper with it. Instead, we'll post here and hashtag it like the cool kids do.

Breaking news: in the middle of typing that paragraph, I went to the kitchenette to refresh my coffee and found a tiny gecko inside the fridge. I'm no naturalist, but I am pretty sure he didn't want to be there, so I transported him out to the deck, breathed on him a little, and he perked up and scooted off.

Innyway, herewith are some brief impressions of the trip this time around.

We have learned that airport mimosas are good way to start any flight.

In what I call Complaining about Miracles™, the flight seemed awfully long. The Alaska/Virgin people were great, and it was as comfortable as you can expect, but that's still a lot of hours.  


And the in-flight magazine crossword puzzle was deucedly harder than it had any right to be...

In a world where so much business is conducted online or digitally (the flight attendants hand out individual tablets instead of headphones now!), it's kind of charming that the agricultural declaration for the State of Hawaii still needs to be completed on paper.

Baggage, rental car, and all that went smoothly, and sooner rather than later we were at the condo:

Top drawer, this time, right on the beach. Embiggen the following for full effect:

Went out for a great dinner at one of our favorite spots, made the ritual stop at the Honokowai ABC store, and jet-lagged ourselves to bed hoping to get on schedule.

Mele Kalikimaka. I'll let you know if we run into Barack and Michelle.

Oh yeah:

Saw this as we were picking up provisions - what the what? It was mostly energy drinks...

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