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Friday, December 23, 2016

#HawaiianEye: Pilgrimage

So, I mentioned to a colleague that I was coming to Maui and they said they would be heading here in the New Year and asked me what we do on Maui.

Me: Well, there's this place called Makawao we like to go to, kind of a sanctuary garden, where there's a labyrinth. Not the corn maze kind, the meditation kind.

Them: You go to Maui and meditate?

Me: Well, not all the time, but yeah, kinda.

Them: Is there any night life?

Me: I think there's a Hard Rock Cafe in Lahaina.

Yes, we do make a trip upcountry every visit to go to the Sacred Garden. It's a nice drive up to the North Shore and a different kind of Hawaii from the beaches. I'm not sure what I'd call the ethos of the place, but it's something along the lines of equal-opportunity spirituality.

We've got Ganesh, Buddha, and Jesus - and that's just for starters. Lots of other figures I recognized,  some I didn't, and I even saw some dragons. Mostly, it's a quiet place full of plants. Whatever the trip is, it is a calm and serene place, and helps refill the soul.

On the way back, Coco had another soulful experience. For months and months she's been wanting a close encounter with a cow - cow has sort of become her spirit guide lately - and  when I spotted a pasture alongside the coast road, well, let's just say we didn't see the Private Property sign until too late.

I gotta say, those bovines have one of the best views in the island - I think they can see the  surfers at Ho'okipa from their field.

All that and we made it back to Napili in time for Coco's afternoon swim. Good times.

Bonus picture: the colors in the cafe in Paia ( home of the dope-smoking surfing cowboys) were too good to pass up, especially with a beautiful woman in the composition:

(Does Coco look a bit like Kirsten Dunst in this photo? I never noticed that resemblance before.)

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