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Thursday, December 22, 2016

#HawaiianEye: Tradition

Ever since an epically rainy night on a our first stay in Maui, our visits to the island have included a traditional dinner at Maui Tacos and a bad movie, in the spirit of our first showing, Ang Lee's Hulk.

I love Maui Tacos because the vegetarian taco has potatoes in it; Coco loves the pineapple salsa most of all. It's all good, man.

It wasn't truly a dinner-and-movie night because we ate first, then headed into Lahaina town to walk Front Street and take in the ambience (since it wasn't raining), and then returned to Napili for the late show.

The movie was Dragon Blade, an inspired-by-possibly-true-events hot mess that pits a lost Roman legion against Chinese soldiers on the Silk Road and stars Jackie Chan and John Cusack! Watch it at your own risk.

Bonus photo: here's the wee gecko from yesterday, lounging on the deck.

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