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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Elevenses anytime

Notes from all over

It was a nice teaching day today. My tech writing class played with Legos®: teams wrote instructions for other teams to duplicate little structures without seeing the original. It was fun, it was chaotic, and I'm pretty sure some learning happened along the way. Great active learning, just the way we like up there at Bothell Polytech.

I'm having a little quandary about the Oscar ceremony. For several years in a row, we had a splendid affair at the Phinney Ridge place on Oscar night - red carpet, dress-up, prizes, pajama parties, all that. But, since coming to the RD, we really haven't done the Oscars at all. There's something about the diagonal of the Big Wall that makes me want to limit the size of the crowd for Spectration-based events; whereas the Phinney Place could stand a score or more, this place seems to hit its max with under a dozen. We've been thinking about reviving the tradition anyway, though, but then I find out that Starbuck has her own long-running show going and we could just hitch onto that. What to do, what to do...

As I wrote the above and transitioned to this item, I realize my Oscar dilemma will be moot soon: Washington may have delayed the switchover to digital TV until June, but it will surely come, and we have made the decision to give up our television (i.e., our crappy old VCR that receives the TV signal and pushes it through our LCD projector) when it happens. We're going to continue with a DVD player/LCD projector combo for movies, and just need to find a new audio rig that takes the iPod (and isn't falling to pieces like the old stereo). Actually, we watch a lot of stuff over the Internet already; we were even projecting Eureka via Hulu on the Big Wall last night. Of course, Otis's new throb is Vern Yip; she upstairs watching him on her computer right now.

Tomorrow is a no class, buncha grading + a couple meetings day; I'm expecting it to be grrrrrreat!

Thanks for the snacks, O!

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