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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fourth base

Fifty Words or Less: The House of Yes is a creepy, funny, stagey film revolving around Jackie-O (Parker Posey as young woman with a Jacqueline Bouvier obsession) and the sometimes incestuous passions running through her upper-crust family. Notable for a not-bad performance by Tori Spelling as the brother’s fiancĂ©e, it’s pretty twisted, but enjoyable.

We just watched it on DVD. And yes, I know it should be "fifty words for fewer," but it's an idiom by now, so cut me some slack.

We watched the movie because I was a little too fried to do anything else. It's been a heckuva week - I still haven't recovered from the unfortunate concatenation of my tenure portfolio being due at about the same time my students handed in their first major assignment for assessment. I'm still playing catch-up with grading, and it doesn't help that every time I turn around, we need another committee or work group or disappearing task force to solve some problem or other. yesterday I spent over eight hours on campus, hand no classes to teach, didn't get any grading done, and still was busy all day.

I'm not going to campus tomorrow; I'll see if I can squeeze some work in around the chores in the morning, but then I'm off to Olympia for a meeting: Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. That won't help with the catching up, but I still have all weekend, and a week from Monday is a holiday, so maybe I'll be square again by the end of the month.

At least it's a short one.

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