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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spontaneous Ikeosity

So, there we were, having a nice intimate dinner under the fluorescent light at a formica table at Ballet Vietnamese on Cap Hill, when Otis announced that the best way to spend St. Valentine's Night would be to go to Ikea. Romantic fool that I am, I said "What the heck!" and we fired up Renty Red and aimed her at Renton, taking the scenic route through the ID, Beacon Hill, and SoDo before jumping on the 5. In no time at all, we were wandering through the labyrinthine aisles of the local outpost of this privately-held, international home products retailer (which is now the world's largest furniture manufacturer, according to Reuters). In less time than it took to get there, were up three lamps and a half-price dresser, and lighter by several ajax.

The acquisitions are the final finishing touches on Otis's redecoration of the master bedroom. She talks about the project as part of her 29-Day Giving Challenge. The dresser will replace the hopeless chest as a project storage unit, and the lamps will provide adequate reading light. We got the lights up already, but the dresser will wait until tomorrow. It looks pretty good. Here's an impromptu photo show:

I did other stuff today, too, like go out to breakfast, and have lunch with Johnbai, and hit a comics sale, but I didn't get any pictures of any of that stuff, so I guess I can't blog it.


Yojimbo_5 said...

Whenever "the wife" says "Let's Go To Ikea," we both have a look on our face like "Let's Go To Hell."

The last time was to get storage boxes to start hauling the mounds of paper (her) and CD's (me)to vacate The Cabin on the Rock for rental.

I have the smae vision of Ikea every time--the maze from "The Shining" only furnished--Disneyland lines with blonde oak. I'm always disappointed they don't have cheese when we get to the check-out stand.

It's nice to look at stuff, but after 90 minutes with no EXIT in sight, one gets a little panicky, and is it me or have the path-ways gotten smaller with more right-angle turns just for the sake of making more nooks and frustrating more grannies?

I entertain the notion of living there (at the Ikea store), but I just know I'd have to move a lot, and it would be frustrating to work or watch TV (cardboard just doesn't cut it as hi-tech).

When we left last time, making our way to the cavernous (and recently re-trafficked) parking garage, a woman walking by us looked into our cart ravenously ("What did THEY get?") We were out-creeped.

It doesn't make sense to go there like we do ("I just need to get one little thing"), as it turns into "Indiana Ridgley and the Hunt for the Extendable Desk-Leg."

There is a fun new game I've heard about: "Ikea or Star Wars character" where you have to guess whether its a Swedish designed furniture or a Lucasfilm character. It gets tough.

Try the veal, I'll be here all week.

WV-kingspa: You can get those at Ikea (not a Star Wars character)

Juliet said...

...ja. impulse shopping on an impulse. I'm grateful that Ikea is 20 miles away.