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Friday, February 20, 2009


You gotta love the Pacific Northwest. I got back from North Bend mid-afternoon today, and Otis I and went out to run some errands. It was so warm and sunny that I wore my sandals. Sandals! And three days ago I was wearing long johns! The Weather Underground website says that it actually only got to 52 degrees, but it sure felt warmer. I was totally comfy.

That image, by the way, is of a caliga, the sandal worn by Roman soldiers during both the Republic and Empire. I have two pairs of sandals, one pair that looks a lot like caligae and one pair that looks like a modern version of caligae. They both really go well with my kilts; when I wear them, I fancy that I have a kind of legionnaire vibe going on. After all, they wore skirts, too, right?

And peaking of Roman military fashion, I have to weigh in on the whole sandals-with-socks issue. It's pretty clear from the historical record that Roman soldiers in Britain wore socks under their sandals. A letter from home found at a Roman site near Hadrian's wall read in part "I have sent you two pairs of socks from Sattua, two pairs of sandals, and two sets of underwear," and archaeologists in northern England found a Roman razor handle formed in the shape of leg, clearly showing a woolly sock under the sandal. If it was good enough for the imperial troops, it's good enough for me.

But today, it was all about the bare toes.

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RAB said...

Yes, but your Roman soldier also has a gladius or pugio at his waist to slip between the ribs of anyone sufficiently impertinent as to question his choice of footwear. If only we had the same standards of courtesy today!