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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The sounds of silence

"Listen. Do hear that?"
"I don't hear anything."

Yojimbo could probably recite a list of films that that conversation appears in, but it was my own internal dialogue tonight. (And I know most people have internal monologues, but just go with this, okay?)

What was I listening for? The sound of papers, papers scuttling all about me, surrounding me, demanding to be graded.

What did I hear? Nothing.

I am all caught up! All student work that is in my hands, whether digital or physical, has been reviewed and assessed and will be handed back tomorrow. Students are submitting and reviewing drafts tomorrow, but not ones which I need to assess. So, I can head into my end-of-week training retreat and my week-end time off with nary a sword of Damocles (or anyone else) hanging over my head. Oh, there will be some minor reading of progress reports and such to do by Monday, but nothing that can seriously be called grading with a capital Grrrr. I don't know how I did it - squeezing work in over the Valentine weekend, lucking out on interruptions on campus today, whatever - but for a few precious days, I am free and clear. I hardly know what to do with myself.

Let's celebrate with some fun pictures!

Here's one for Dingo:

Ain't he cute? He's even got a crocheted Right Hand of Doom - and a cigar! (Link.)

And I just love this one:

This is Thor and Loki in drag, as part of a plot to get Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, back from a giant who had hidden it. I like how Loki seems to be totally enjoying the gender-bending while Thor can barely contain himself. The ruse involves passing Thor off as Freya, willing to be the giant's bride, and, of course, hijinks ensue, at least until Thor gets his hands on Mjolnir again and smashes the place up in a gynophobic rage. Party pooper. (Link.)

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Yojimbo_5 said...

What issue of "Thor" is that panel from?

(And I don't remember Frazetta drawing Thor...)