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Monday, February 16, 2009

What I asked for, and what I got

Nu, tonight Otis and I went out with A-Wo and K-Kay to catch Ruby Bishop's first set at Martin's off Madison Piano Bistro up on Cap Hill. We had already eaten some nice pizza-calzoney stuff at Piecora's, but through a mix-up in the reservations, we were seated at a dinner table at Martin's. Feeling guilty about taking up the space, we ordered too-rich desserts and adult beverages all around. A & K had wine, Otis had a custom-made fruity concoction we called a Boarding Pass, and I ordered a cup of coffee with a shot of Canadian Club, figuring to make my own little fortified coffee drink. The glass on the left is what I wanted; the glass on the right is about what I got:

I swear that what they brought me was a rocks glass, although it did have the little white shot line about an eighth of an inch from the bottom. Of course, the top of the whiskey was nowhere near that line; as I have duplicated it here, it was about four or five shots. Seriously.

My drinking days are so far behind me that if I ever could have downed this much hard liquor at one go I can't remember it. I couldn't pour it into my coffee; it would have made the cup overflow. I sipped at it all through the set, and it still held a measurable amount when we left. Otis says that I got the huge drink because the waiter thought I was cute, but I told her that those days were far behind me as well. So, if you're in a drinking mood, you might try ordering a whiskey neat at Martin's; you may get more than your money's worth.

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Juliet said...

Reminds me of the time Lon offered to bring me some whiskey from a new VE bottle. Neither of us are liquor drinkers, but what I expected was you expected and what he poured was what Martin's poured. He brought it to me, grinning, and I said "uh, honey? Did you pour yourself a glass yet?"

Today's magic word is "unger".