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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Relative quiet

Just taking a break from the social hour here in beautiful North Bend to check in on the blogosphere. I spent about eight hours today in a workshop talking about integrative approaches to curriculum design and underprepared students and program development and all that. Our group made a lot of progress on some initiatives we hope to push forward on campus, and we got a chance to network with folks from other schools and steal their ideas, too.

Now the informal discussion continues. Some people are in their jammies and there are snacks all around and we're sitting on the floor, but the conversation seems to come back to work issues and problem-solving no matter how many times we veer off into America's Top Chef or how'd-you-meet-your-wife territory.

I have made one internal observation in the middle all this information processing and creative thinking: I find that I am no longer going to quick and easy cynicism as a position quite as frequently as I might have once done. I think I've realized that while standing off to the side and throwing bricks might be fun, rolling up my sleeves and helping get some stuff done is more satisfying in the long run. Hunh.

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