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Saturday, September 13, 2008

[4-color ma] Some of my favorite things

If you Google "50 things I love about comics," you'll get over 1500 responses; the meme has been floating around the comicsweblogosphere for a little while now and there have been some pretty cool responses. I haven't jumped on the bandwagon until now, and I think I will offer my list one by one, as they occur to me.

50. Self-portraits of cartoonists that show them surrounded by the characters they have drawn.

When I saw an advert for the second issue of Stay Tooned magazine (click the pic for a link), I knew this convention had a place on my top fifty list. I have always loved this approach, especially back in the day, when comics creators didn't have websites, fanzines were strictly low-tech and small-press, and such pieces were rare treats. There is something about the whimsy of them, the brownie nature of the comics characters clambering over the furniture, the odd juxtapositions of individuals and genres, that makes me smile - and, I think, gives some insight into the creator's sensibilities. I can't resist them.

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John said...

This reminds me slightly of another favorite comic thing of mine: Wedding and funeral scene backgrounds. Whenever there's an important scene like this, the back ground is full of inside jokes. The guy sitting in the third aisle is actually the original inker of the series... stuff like that.