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Monday, September 22, 2008

[jet city] Community organizing

Ah - the joy of diary blogging: talking about us, the gang, the collective. Here's some stuff that's been going on and coming up.

First of all, today was not just the first day of fall, nor merely the first day of school; tonight marked four years since Otis and I had our Official First Date at Jai Thai in Fremont, and so it was there that we returned to celebrate that anniversary with another lovely dinner. After our Pad Thai and Phad Kee Mao, we came back home for a dessert intime: seasonal cupcakes.

Thanks so much for four years of being my Honey-T, Otis.

In other news, members of the collective have uploaded stuff! First of all, we find to our delight that TomCat has a blog! His latest post links to his Picasa album of photographs from his and NatDog's recent hike to the top of Mt. St. Helen's.

Also, Sylvio has a blog! I knew this, but have never remembered to link to it, prolly because half the time he posts in Portuguese and I feel lost and inferior when I try to read it. Well, I have corrected that situation now, prompted by his sending me a link to his Picasa album of his recent trip to Hawaii.

Finally, we need to be thinking of plans: the currently-proposed date for this year's Librapalooza is Saturday, October 11; the venue has not yet been chosen (our place here in the RD?) or any details hashed out. Ideas? And Halloween is on a Friday this year: it's perfect timing for a costume party, but O was leaning toward a scary movie fest. Opinions? And Tuesday, November 4, is Election Day: we'll be spectrating the broadcast coverage on the Big Wall if anyone is interested - we might even have a special (expatriate) guest star!


Olaiya said...

I'm still leaning toward scary movie spectration, but could go either way. And I would offer up my digs for Librapalooza but I think I have a catering the day before so the house will probably be a mess! Diane was suggesting a soup dinner Librapalooza where several people bring pots of soup and that sounds great to me! I volunteer to bring cake. Let me know what the concensus is.

Walaka said...

I like the soup idea - anyone else?

Courtney Putnam said...

Soup sounds like a grand idea. Walaka, if we host, I'd be happy to make my yellow split pea soup.


John said...

I've been wanting to make up a pot of broc and cheddar goodness. Also, I could host, but your place might be better.

And, of course, we've got teeshirts.

lowcoolant said...

Wait, a soup party without bloodthirsty competitive overtones?

What do we do, just eat and be happy??

Walaka said...

There's a growing consensus for soup in the RD...

Ned said...

Soup! Good soup! Soup good! I could do my veggie chilli. That count?