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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[jet city] Taffic jams and triumphs

So, you may have heard that last year, because of space considerations, new faculty at my college were sharing office space. The situation was addressed during the year and they have found space for most of us, so there is some shuffling going on, and I came in today to try to expedite some of the moving.

One of the things complicating the move is that it is apparently easier to move an individual than to reconfigure an office from a two-person to a one-person space, so instead of just moving half of us while the other half stays put, we're all moving, and so are some other folks. I added to the complication by offering to swap my assigned space with a colleague who has been trying to get out of the "basement" for eight years and has once again been assigned there. The upshot is that I have packed up all my goods, but can't move into 050 until the present tenant moves out, which she hasn't, and she can't move out until her new office, 183, is empty, and it's not. And both of these people have a lot of stuff.

So, although I came up to campus with NatDog this morning to TCB on this, I find myself stymied, at least as regards the office move. I am trying to find other productive stuff to do, but with all my files in boxes, my options are limited. And so it goes.

Speaking of NatDog, Otis and I walked down to the lake on Sunday morning to watch part of the IronGirl 10K/5k race that she was participating in. We couldn't find her (or TomCat) at the starting line, but we got to watch her come trucking along at about the halfway mark, looking strong. The final results are in now, and NatDog finished the 10K in 55:07, which was in the top quartile for her age group and for the 747 total runners in the race. You go, girl!

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